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Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the main markup language for displaying web pages and other information that can be displayed in a web browser.Design advanced HTML Web pages with BUDNET. Full support for Cascading Style sheets (including CSS3), and HTML5 helps you design dynamic HTML Web pages with advanced styling and formatting.



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Frontend Developement

With BUDNET web design you can:

  • Leverage built-in CSS2.1 and CSS3 style rules
  • Import external CSS documents
  • Use CSS and JavaScript to design HTML pages with advanced styling
  • Drag and drop elements to design HTML pages with ease
  • Render XML, XBRL, and database data
  • Generate HTML, RTF, PDF, and Word 2007+ output simultaneously
  • Web applications from your designs with the click of a button
  • Design database reports – the database connection wizard is a snap Convert HTML to XML

Select CSS files dynamically HTML and XML

Are you looking for an HTML design tool to create eye-catching Web pages? Take advantage of BUDNET’s advanced design capabilities to create BUDNT for HTML output – BUDNET will simultaneously create style sheets for PDF, RTF, and Word 2007+ output as well Do you need to publish XBRL data to your organization’s Web site? BUDNT will allow you to design HTML pages with XBRL data – the XBRL chart and table wizards make it easy to add graphics.

Do you need to publish data from a database to an HTML page? Design HTML pages populated by database data.

Do you need to convert legacy HTML to XML? BUDNET will allow you to convert HTML to XML easily and efficiently.

Select CSS files dynamically HTML and XML

Though HTML and XML are both markup languages, each technology has a very different purpose: HTML is used to describe how data is displayed on a Web page, while XML is employed to describe the data itself. XML is not a replacement for HTML; in fact, the two technologies can complement one another when XML is used to represent data that is output in HTML or XHTML format online.

This common scenario requires the ability to convert XML to HTML / XHMTL and convert HTML to XML.

HTML and XHTML editing – including support for HTML5

  • XHTML validation
  • ASP and JSP page editing
  • Integrated CSS editor
  • Optional integration with Visual Studio and Eclipse
  • Context-sensitive entry helpers
  • Code completion
  • Support for Unicode and international character sets
  • Advanced text view with syntax coloring, line numbers, source folding, bookmarks
  • Built-in browser preview
  • Integrated project managment & source control system integration

What is CSS?

A specification maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), CSS (Cascading Style sheets) is a stylesheet language for specifying how elements in structured documents should be displayed on HTML/XHTML documents and Web pages.

Using mark up tags, a CSS stylesheet tells a Web browser how to display the content of each page. CSS provides several advantages, including precise visual styling capabilities, cross-browser compatibility, the ability to make changes that affect multiple elements in a single step, and much more. Since CSS allows Web designers to separate content from style information, it greatly simplifies Web development and maintenance.

CSS Editor

Web designers often use CSS in addition to XSLT for styling their HTML and XHTML Web pages. To complement BUDNET’s award-winning XSLT editor, includes a full-featured CSS editor.

BUDNET web design makes CSS editing easy with features such as syntax coloring, context-sensitive entry helper windows and drop-down menus, as well as screen tips. CSS editing also benefits from all the advanced features of the text view, such as code completion, line numbering, source folding, book marking, and more.

As you’re working, advanced project management features help you organize and manage your CSS files alongside related documents and perform batch operations, and a multi-tabbed find-in-files window lets you perform advanced find and replace functions across files, folders, and even entire projects.

Graphical CSS Designer for Database Content

A common requirement today is the presentation of information from XML, database, and even XBRL sources on eye-catching Web pages as well as in other formats, such as PDF reports. Since online and print media have dissimilar design processes and utilize different technologies, publishing single source data in multiple formats is a challenge. For instance, while a Web designer would likely use CSS to style HTML content, CSS styles don’t translate to a PDF format.

BUDNET web design removes this obstacle by allowing you to create one design to present XML and database data in multiple media using advanced CSS styles. Style rules can be defined in external, imported CSS style sheets, in global style sheets, and locally on individual elements. To create your web design, you simply drag elements from XML and database sources onto the design pane and use the BUDNET entry helpers to specify layout and style properties.

With BUDNET, applying precise CSS rules is a simple point and click process that lets you publish mission critical data in multiple formats quickly and easily.


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