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SS Internationals

‘SS International’ with its headquarters at Tamilnadu,India, formed as an exporting company with the motto of excellence has been growing tremendously in size and its range of products. SS International deals in a wide variety of Agricultural Products –Coconuts ,Tender Coconuts, Semi Husked Coconuts & Fully Husked Coconuts, Coconut Copra and Eco-friendly Areca Palm Leaf Plates.

Today, ‘SS International’ exports its products to companies throughout the world. We have manufacturing units for Eco-friendly Areca Palm Leaf Plates and other coconut related products. Raw materials for our product are procured directly from farmers without middlemen so that we are able to provide competitive prices for our products compared to our competitors.

Our efforts are promoted by our commitment towards excellence. Our main priority is to offer premium service to our global customers. Our customers expect high standards and we strive to persistently satisfy their demands with the highest standard of client service. We aim to serve our customers efficiently and competently .The quality of our export products and services has attained us the trust as well as loyalty of the most discerning clients.

With the persistent efforts of our experienced as well as efficient professionals and adhering to the principles of ‘Honesty, innovation, team-work and excellence’, today ‘SS International’ have established a good reputation. In co-operation with world renowned companies ,we can handle the varied specification requirements of each of our clients.

We focus on integrity in all of our business dealings. We consider our clients, distributors, and staff with due respect, justice, fairness, and integrity during all times.

Nothing being ventured for is nothing gained! We are an innovative company, and always seek new ideas as well as new concepts for growth.