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School Management System to be projected and it will be a web oriented application in which total school office works have integrated into single management using object-oriented multi-tier architectures.

The first gear truly climbable, windows-based school management is a powerful way to run best school. School Management System will be formulated to improve and maintain the way the school is managed and steps ahead towards the goal of paperless as of full automation of school administration.

School Management Solution has greater functionality for any educational institution. It is wider and most interactive platform for all entities namely Students, Teachers, Management, Trustees, and Parents. It is a simple-minded yet powerful one point integrated platform that links all the departments of an institution namely

The key to success of the school management system is the central data storage structure which assists the administrative staff to make use of student data in each and every module, henceforth data entry is written once and it is used at all places, 100 % correct data is available to the administrative staff at any particular time. The school management system automates most of day to day task and hence increases the productivity and performance of the administrative staff which leads to better valued image of the school before the parents and society.

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Why School Management System (ERP)?

The corporate are the Multi National industries which have imaginations spread in more companies and so they require managing their resources with too much of care. For an effective, advantageous and thorough management of the school each and every modules resource is highly important. For proper management of any organized school or any intuitions it is very important to have advance sketch plan

  • Key Features of School Management System
  • Automated School Office Administration
  • Links all Education entrusted Stakeholders Administrator, Teachers, Students and Parents
  • Central guaranteed database structure that organizes, stores and retrieves information
  • Student information management system with SMS integrated notification for sending various SMS alerts
  • Fully fledged Library Management System with various alert
  • Fees Management – Printing fee receipts, generating various reports, sending alerts via sms to parents regarding fee due dates.
  • It provides an easy way to automatically prepare all certificates (e.g. bonafide, leaving certificate).
  • Time Table Management with multi subjects alerts
  • Staff Payroll Management – (Automated cheque generator)
  • Vendor Management (Maintain all the list of vendor and quotation provided by them)
  • Complete Accounts Management System with zero error
  • Canteen Management
  • Student feedback system (Feedback of the students about the subject, teaching, etc)
  • Attendance Management
  • Student Attendance and Staff Attendance
  • Customized Report Generation for various departments
  • Complaint Section / Query Section
  • Staff / Student ID card Management System
  • E – Reporting / E – Result System and E-notifications
  • Back Up facility for disaster management opted for data security
  • Preparation of yearly Confidential Report
  • Generates unique types of reports graphs and charts and pie diagrams
  • Exam result, student performance, fees due dates to parents,
    safety alerts, leave notification etc

Modules of School Management System


The module handles the registration and admission cognitive operation of both new and the old students. Fully integrated with the accounts division, this module permits admission and registration manageable and removes difficulties coming up due to human errors.

Student Records

The Student Records Management module paves effective management of super comprehensive records on each and every student such as student personal particulars in addition with Photograph, attendance, co-curriculum activities, achievement, discipline, bus routes ,previous school information, school leaving information and parent/guardian ,blood group, family doctor’s phone number. The system will eliminate replicate effort on numerous stick shift processes and paperwork.


Attendance section plays unique roles for Students and Employees. Student’s attendance particulars handle as a tool to detect non conformal irregularities in the academic interests of the students. The same can be used to use the student and give case-by-case attention to the causes of repetitive or long absences.

Fee Management

The Fee Module of is the one of the priority based automated fee calculation module rolling in the market. Apart from being automated it is flexible enough to withhold the varying conditions of fee payments that come across. Fee tally is made on the basis of Category selected for the student.School Automation Software

The module automatically calculates the postponed fees, last paid fee details, deductions and concessions if any applicable to the selected scholarships based student.School Automation Software

The module paves effective management of Fee records of each student. User-defined fee structure and category can be maintained day by day. Automated bill generation option heightens the system reliability. Fee Receipt can be accepted and updated by the system with few mouse clicks. At any point of time user can check collections made and prominent with single click.

E-Report Card/Automated Examination Report Card Generation

The E-Report Card module appropriates user to access automatic grading of exam marks with better accuracy. Print student report card, exam results analysis by class, subject and much more options are available to use. It allows user to define alpha and numeric grades. User-defined terms for exams can be maintained. This module is organized on the advancement of CBSE’s which includes Scholastic and Co- Scholastic grounded evaluation.


The Library module enhances effective and neat management of School Library. With a single click books can be spaced so you can keep periodic monitor for the books to be issued. It allows number of features like reservation of books, books searching, obsolete / spoil books, Library members report, fine collection report, Daily issue register, Accession Register with various circumstances.

Financial Accounting

The Integrated accounting modules enables comprehensive management of accounts without the need of clumsy posting of verified vouchers.It is not bounded with only automatically posting but the accounting processes also exist as in most popular accounting packages.

Staff Records/Pay Roll

A total payroll management system is integrated into the computer code ease the burden on time unit department. The payroll module is fully compliant with the rules as ordered down by Law. Various calculation parameters and the allowances also are configurable as per the user requirements.

The payroll module is capable of conniving the operating days, collectible amount, deductions etc. various reports also are out there to help the management in conniving the expenses on remuneration likewise as reports required for departmental processes like PF forms/Challans etc.

The employees Records Management module permits user to store tutorial and non-academic employees information such as personal details, pay band details, grade pay details, Date of appointment/confirmation/retirement, PAN, PF A/c No. each month remuneration Calculation sheet may be generated. you can generate various reports like List of employees, PF/ESIC summary report, Loan register etc to ensure consistency in storing of ordinary knowledge for simple and significant viewing, function are provided for user to outline standard code and descriptions and information such as employees grade/job title, additional duties and positions.

User Access

With sturdy and versatile safety features, user access to every of the modules relies on the user role (s) as defined in the system. In addition, functions that might be performed by every user role may be simply defined. Associate appointed system administrator maintains associate audit log that shows records of all access to your database in the system for viewing.

System Administrator

This module will enable the system administrator to perform system and database backup/restore functions. The system administrator could read the Audit Log, which records all users’ access to the database. An occasion log that captures unsuccessful or unauthorized logon to the system is additionally out there.

Schedule Records

This module permits user to stay records of timetables for the classes in the faculty. User could different templates to suit multiple teaching sessions at the varsity.

All the class’s timetables are maintained in the system, every employee’s timetable with info such as subjects schooled and free periods might simply be viewed or written as and when required. By touching on the free amount (s) for a specific cluster of employees, problem to find the right time for a meeting time is an issue of the past. Sit-in may be simply managed with immediate info on any employees that has free periods.


This is most powerful module which connects oldsters with faculty with a single click. Any info (generalized/personalized), which is to run to oldsters, may be send via SMS on their Mobiles. Fee Reminder, Student absent info, Cheque dishonored info, General info can also run by SMS.

Student & Staff Card Id

The system permits you to print students and employees ID cards. Info such as student name, student number and sophistication that are mechanically extracted from the student records are going to be written on the student ID card. Whereas for employees, the employees name, employee’s number and job title/grade may be written on employees ID card.

Certificate Generation

With the complete relevant student knowledge stored in the system, a student effort Certificate and Bonafide may be written just by a click of mouse.


The Report Module is the vital module of faculty Management System which generates varied reports that includes fee details, administration, library, student details, employee’s details and many a lot of. Knowledge navigates through all modules and the desired reports may be generated by a button click.School Automation Software


The canteen module will subsume the accounting, inventory management and the stuff related to canteen management.

Vendor Management

The seller management module are going to be accustomed manage the list of all the quotation received till date and the contracts awarded till date. It will be a vital tool for the long run purchase of any item required by faculty because the employees can study the previous purchases done


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