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Lionsms provide promotional sms, transactional sms, voice call, missed call alert, two way sms, short code sms, long code sms, mobile number database. We have more than 2000 plus clients in and around Bangalore. We don’t provide sms at low price but we do provide 100% delivery ratio. If your company needs best sms service with 100% delivery ratio and support please donot hesitate to call us +91 8903989038 or mail us info at .

Our clients are individual, company, corporate, hospitals, education, retail shop, MNC Company, share brokers and many more. Who need service? Company or individual who want to put their message straight into their customer pocket. Bulk sms service is one of the cheapest and easiest media of marketing.

In this modern era every individual have a smart phone or at least basic phone, so reaching audience through message is the best way of communication. We also provide Bangalore database for marketing SMS purpose.